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A fantastic weekend!

Bisons Weekend 2022 was full of fun and great memories for all Bisons! We'd love to hear about your favorite moments from the weekend! If you weren't able to join us, you were missed. Be sure to mark November 10 &11, 2023, on your calendar. We can't wait to see YOU there!


BW2022_Cheerleaders-Parade BW2022_TauPhiParade

BW2022_SavannahsBoogie5K BW2022_Lou and students

BW2022_PancakeswithPresident BW2022_DrCarlMcKelvey

BW2022_AdmissionsReunion BW2022_QuestTeamReunion

BW2022_PresidentMcQueen-students BW2022_Sanctuary

BW2022_50thReunion BW2022_Fireworks