Bison Notes Submission

Keep your fellow alumni informed by sending us class notes to share with the Bison community!

If you want to submit information about a marriage, birth, obituary, job status change, professional award or achievement, please complete the form below. Information will be used in the Lipscomb NOW magazine, Alumni eNews, college/department newsletters and athletic newsletters at the discretion of the university and may be edited to fit available space.

Please use the following examples as a guide when typing your submission. Be sure to place graduation years beside the name of the alumnus as indicated below.

  • Job Update: Joe Alumni ('98) of Anyplace, Tennessee, has been named president of XYZ Company
  • Award/Achievement: Jane Alumna ('85 & '91) of My City, Florida., received the Realtor of the Year Award from the State Realtors Association.
  • Marriage: Brittany Doe ('89) of Hertown, Alabama, and Mike Alumni ('81) of Histown, Missouri, were married June 24 2019. OR Josie Jones ('89) of Hertown, Kentucky, and Matt NonAlum of Histown, New York, were married June 24, 2019.
  • BirthJohn ('90) and Sara (Maiden Name) Smith ('00) of Sometown, Georgia, announce the Jan. 8, 2019 birth of daughter Anna Grace or son John Walker. 
  • In Memoriam: Mary Alumni ('55) of Hometown, North Carolina, died Feb. 20, 2018.