Once a Bison, always a Bison. You may have left our campus, but our Lipscomb community is always here for you.

Return for a game, network with your local alumni, mentor a current student—there are loads of ways for you to stay involved and active (which, you may recall, was true when you were a student, too).

When you graduate from Lipscomb, you move into a new role in the Lipscomb family—alumnus! As an alumnus, you share a lifelong tie to a network of like-minded people who continue to support and encourage you well beyond your years on campus. You have joined a unique group of Bisons who advance Lipscomb's mission and contribute to its continued success in five tangible ways:

  • Pray for Lipscomb
  • Give to Lipscomb
  • Help recruit students to Lipscomb
  • Volunteer to serve the Lipscomb community
  • Network with the Lipscomb community

These five acts of service provide a variety of opportunities for you to stay connected to and involved with your alma mater. Finishing your degree is just the next stage of your lifelong relationship with Lipscomb.